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Protect, clean, and speed up your system with just one program


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With BeeDoctor, you can protect your PC while also cleaning your operating system, all from a comfortable interface that anyone can use. It's divided into four main sections: a trash cleaner, an antivirus, a startup optimizer, and a tool to uninstall programs.

The tool has several different functions. One is an accelerator that, among other things, makes your system start faster. BeeDoctor also comes with a cleaner that will clear up some free space by deleting history, temporary files, and other files from uninstalled programs that should no longer be there.

Besides the cleaner and accelerator, this program also has a virus removal tool that allows an in-depth analysis of your local disks. You can choose to do a quick scan, a full scan, or a custom scan of specific folders. If malware is found, you can automatically or manually remove it.

Finally, BeeDoctor lets you uninstall any program you no longer want just as you would from the Windows Control Panel.